At the heart of our mission at Albali Studio, there is a deep-seated reverence and a profound sense of gratitude towards the spiritual teachings and lineage of Thariqah Naqsyabandiyah, particularly as we engage with Baitul Ja’far. Owned by Shaykh Ahmad Baqi Arifin, Baitul Ja’far is a beacon of spiritual guidance and learning within the Thariqah Naqsyabandiyah Dzikir Halaqah dan Rumah Suluk. It is with great honor and humility that we acknowledge the privilege to contribute to this esteemed spiritual hub. Our collaboration transcends the boundaries of a mere project; it is viewed as a sacred duty, an honor, and a means to serve a cause much greater than ourselves. With the highest respect and honor, we reflect upon our contributions:

1. Recreating/Modernizing Baitul Ja’far’s Logo

With a profound sense of responsibility and under the ownership of Shaykh Ahmad Baqi Arifin, Albali Studio has embarked on the delicate task of recreating and modernizing the logo for Baitul Ja’far. This process is not merely about design but about encapsulating the essence and values of Baitul Ja’far in a visual form that respects its heritage while also appealing to contemporary sensibilities. Our aim is to present a logo that stands as a symbol of spiritual depth, tradition, and the forward-looking vision of Baitul Ja’far.

2. Creating Videos and Artworks for Baitul Ja’far’s YouTube Channel

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Inspired by the rich spiritual heritage of Thariqah Naqsyabandiyah and guided by the vision of Shaykh Ahmad Baqi Arifin for Baitul Ja’far, Albali Studio dedicates itself to producing videos and artworks for Baitul Ja’far’s YouTube channel. Each piece is crafted with devotion, aiming to convey the profound messages and teachings of the spiritual path. Through these visual narratives, we seek to engage hearts and minds, offering insights into the spiritual journey that Baitul Ja’far embodies. Our aspiration is that these creations act as beacons of light, guiding seekers towards enlightenment and deeper spiritual understanding.

In every task undertaken for Baitul Ja’far, Albali Studio is acutely aware of the immense honor it is to contribute to the spiritual legacy established by Shaykh Ahmad Baqi Arifin. With a spirit fueled by dedication to this noble cause, we are deeply grateful for the opportunity to employ our creative talents in service of spreading love, peace, and spiritual awareness. Our contributions are offered as humble tokens of our immense respect and admiration for this sacred journey, with sincere hopes that they fulfill their intended purpose and benefit all those who engage with them.

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