At the very heart of our mission at Albali Studio lies an unwavering reverence and a profound sense of gratitude towards the spiritual lineage and teachings of Thariqah Naqsyabandiyah Al-Khalidiyah, particularly as preserved and shared by the community of Baitul Fatih. It is with the madad (spiritual support) of our respected Murshid that we humbly acknowledge the privilege bestowed upon us to contribute to Pejalan Ruhani, the esteemed official media platform of this revered spiritual assembly. This collaboration transcends the conventional notion of a project; it is perceived as a sacred duty, an honor, and a means to serve a cause far greater than ourselves. With utmost humility and honor, we reflect upon our contributions:

1. Developing Pejalan Ruhani’s WordPress Website and App

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Under the guiding light and madad of our Murshid, Albali Studio has embarked on developing the Pejalan Ruhani website and app with a spirit of devotion and meticulous care. Each decision made in the development process is infused with the intention to create a welcoming, serene online space that echoes the spiritual richness of Thariqah Naqsyabandiyah Al-Khalidiyah. Our aim has been to provide seekers with a portal that not only guides them towards deeper spiritual exploration but also nurtures their journey with the tranquility and depth characteristic of our revered path.

2. Videos for Pejalan Ruhani’s YouTube Channel

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With the madad of our beloved Murshid inspiring every step, Albali Studio has dedicated itself to producing videos for Pejalan Ruhani’s YouTube channel that are crafted with love, respect, and a deep sense of responsibility towards the viewer’s spiritual journey. Each video is an endeavor to convey the essence of the teachings in a manner that resonates with the soul, fostering a connection that transcends the digital medium. We pray that these visual offerings serve as lanterns on the path of enlightenment, guiding seekers towards inner peace and spiritual fulfillment.

3. Crafting Social Media Posts

Guided by the blessings and madad of our Murshid, each social media post created for Pejalan Ruhani is woven with threads of inspiration, reflection, and community. Our intention is to extend an open invitation to all who wish to delve into the profound spirituality offered by Thariqah Naqsyabandiyah Al-Khalidiyah, creating points of connection and moments of contemplation that enrich the seeker’s journey. Through these posts, we aspire to cultivate a virtual satsang, a gathering of hearts united in their quest for spiritual awakening.

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In every effort made for Pejalan Ruhani, Albali Studio remains deeply conscious of the extraordinary honor it is to contribute to the spiritual legacy of Baitul Fatih and Thariqah Naqsyabandiyah Al-Khalidiyah in Indonesia. With the madad of our Murshid fueling our endeavors, we are profoundly grateful for the opportunity to use our creative talents in service of a mission that seeks to spread love, peace, and spiritual awareness. Our contributions are humbly presented as small tokens of our immense respect and admiration for this sacred path, with heartfelt hopes that they serve their intended purpose and bring benefit to all those who encounter them.

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