Wazifa Laylat Al-Isra Wal Miraj Adab Tariqah

NOTE: Everyone has Mawlana Shaykh Nazim’s permission to recite this on the Night of Isra and Miraj. Also, Mawlana Shaykh said it is best to observe holy days on the date established in your Muslim country of residence so as not to create fitna. WAZIFAKalimat Shahadat (3 times):⁣Ash-hadu an lā ilāha illa ‘l-Lāh, wa ash-hadu […]

Du’a Awli Abbas

Arabic – Transliteration – English Download PDF: Click here Arabic Transliteration Bismillāhi ’r-Rahmāni ’r-RahīmAllāhuma innī istāghfiruka min kulli mā tubtu ‘anhu ilayka thumma ‘udtu fih. Wa istāghfiruka min kulli mā ‘aradtu bihi wajhika fa-khālatanī fīhi mā laysa fihi ridā’uk. Wa istāghfiruka li ’n-ni’am allatī taqawwaytu bihā ‘alā ma’sīyatik. Wa istāghfiruka min adh-dhunūb allatī lā ya’lamuhā […]

Story of The Saint of Rajab

To preserve this core Naqshbandi teaching, many families read this story from Grandshaykh AbdAllah and Masters of the illustrious Naqshbandi Golden Chain aloud with their children. STORY OF THE SAINT OF RAJAB By Shaykh Hisham Kabbani  In the time of #ProphetMuhammad ﷺ, there lived a notorious highway robber who roamed the streets after midnight. If […]


Grandshaykh AbdAllah said, do whatever worship you can with intention of completing the full adab, then dedicate it to RasulAllah ﷺ and it will be written that you completed it! Grandshaykh gave permission for everyone to practice this wazifa, and he will support you. DAILY WAZIFA▪️Complete Surat Al-An’am.▪️Read a chapter of Dalaa’il al-Khayraat.▪️Recite Salawat Sharifah […]


SAFAR is the second month of the Islamic calendar and the month of catastrophies, disasters, and accidents. Therefore, it is a month of extra worship and charity. PROPHET Muhammad ﷺ nicknamed it ‘Safar Al-Khayr’. A great number of previous nations perished during this month. Complete this adab daily with the intention of receiving Allah’s protection […]